Fire Agate Ring 5


Fire From the Arizona Desert!



This is a piece of fire agate that Jake found when he visited the Arizona desert near the border of New Mexico.  There is a section of Federal land there that the public is allowed to use and is actually designated as a place to rockhound (unlike Federal parks where the public is not allowed to remove anything).  Jake found a lot of agate there, but only a few pieces actually have the “fire” that makes fire agate such a highly sought gem.  Fire agate is very difficult to cut as the fire is found at different levels in the stone, so most pieces cannot be worked on a grinding wheel, and must be worked with a hand tool to get the best from the stone.  This piece has many flashes of color as you turn it in the light, mostly green and red with some purple and blue.  The setting is sterling silver with a scalloped sterling bezel surrounded by a twisted square copper wire as an accent.  The ring shank is thick half round sterling wire and the ring size is 7 and one half.

Additional information

Weight .025 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × .5 in


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