Ohio Flint Pendant 7


Colorful Flint!



Ohio Flint is in high demand by jewelers for its hardness and great combinations of color.  Flint is the state stone of Ohio because of its unusual beauty.  Jake found this piece when he visited Flint Ridge in central Ohio where the public is allowed to dig for a fee.  Flint is hard to read, a stone may look great on the outside but when you cut it, it’s grey and uninteresting on the inside.  On the other hand, sometimes when you cut it you get a great display of color, as in this stone which has yellow, orange, tan, brown and grey in swirling patterns.  It makes a great display piece and this one is set in copper with a full copper back and a sterling silver twist wire around the bezel as an accent.

Additional information

Weight .06 lbs
Dimensions 2 × .5 in


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