Gem Chalcedony Pendant 18


Shining Color From Nevada!



On his yearly trip out west to search for gemstones, Jake stopped in a rock shop in the little gold rush town of Goldfield, in Nevada.  He bought a few things there and the owner suggested that Jake go out to a spot called Gemfield outside of town, where he could find a rare stone called Gem Chalcedony.  He showed Jake some finished pieces he had made from this stone, and Jake had to get some!  Jake also searched the desert in the area around the claims and found the raw rock that produced this stone.  It’s very different, with a yellow background and orange and brown veins running through it.  The setting is copper square wire framing the back with prongs to hold the stone in place, topped by an antique copper bail.

Additional information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × .75 × .5 in


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