Turquoise Ring 16


A Bit of Turquoise!



This is a small piece of beautiful turquoise that Jake found at the Royston Turquoise Mine in Nevada.  The mine used to allow the public to dig in the mine tailings for a fee and Jake was able to go there twice, but the mine owners have now discontinued the public mine tours.  The Royston Mine is one of only a few turquoise mines in the U.S. that still is open and producing turquoise.  And, Royston Turquoise is highly prized for its variety of colors and the fact that the turquoise does not require any outside agent to be used to stabilize the stones in order to cut and polish them, as do many other types of turquoise.  This stone has a lovely blue/green color with a bit of the brown matrix included.  The stone is set in Sterling silver with a scalloped bezel.  The ring stock is flattened sterling wire and the ring size is 5.

Additional information

Weight .02 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .5 × 1 in


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