Ribbon Turquoise Pendant


Veins of Turquoise!



The type of turquoise found is this stone is referred to as ribbon turquoise, where the thin veins of turquoise run through the matrix rock.  Ribbon turquoise has become more popular as the supply of turquoise has dwindled, making it increasingly harder to find large pieces of solid turquoise.  This stone comes from the Royston Turquoise Mine in Nevada, and was found by Jake on one of his trips there.  Royston turquoise is famous for the wide range of colors that can be found in a stone, and because it is harder than many other types of turquoise, so there is no need to stabilize the stone before cutting and polishing it.  This stone has deep blue and green veins of turquoise running through it.  It’s set in a claw setting with sterling silver square wire framing the back and prongs to hold the stone in place.

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Weight .03 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × .5 in


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