Amethyst Pendant 7


Amazing Purple From New Mexico!



When Jake took his last trip out west he convinced the owner of a local rock shop to guide him to some of his “secret spots”.  The shop is on the eastern edge of Arizona, right on the border with New Mexico.  The shop owner took him way back into the mountains of New Mexico to an abandoned gold mine where he had found a nice vein of Amethyst a few years earlier.  Apparently, others had been there since and the vein had been heavily worked, so Jake was only able to get a few small pieces by using a sledge hammer and chisel to dig the gemstone out of the solid rock.  But, look at the color of this stone!  It really is spectacular and was worth the effort!  The stone is set in sterling silver with a full silver back, a fine silver fancy bezel with three pieces of twisted square copper wire bordering the stone as an accent, topped by a nice sterling bail.

Additional information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 1.25 × .75 × .5 in


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