Amethyst Woodchip Pendant


Amethyst and Wood!



Each year when Jake drives through Canada he likes to stop at an Amethyst mine near Thunder Bay, Ontario that allows the public to dig through the mine tailings there.  You can find some great looking Amethyst there, especially if you are lucky enough to be there when the mine brings in a load of fresh tailings.  Jake decided to use this piece of Amethyst in a woodchip setting as he liked the contrast between the purple Amethyst and the golden wood.  Jake sands and stains the wood, carves a depression to fit the stone and coats the wood with a clear varnish.  He drills a hole for the bail and this piece uses two thick round copper wires woven with thin copper wire to hold it.

Additional information

Weight .03 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × .5 in


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