Gem Chalcedony Pendant 7


A Bull’s Eye Piece!



Jake always drives through Nevada on his yearly trip out west to search for gemstones, and this past trip he stopped in a little town called Goldfield which was a gold rush town, but now only has a small population.  But Goldfield does have a great rock shop, and Jake likes to stop in there to check out the great selection of raw stones that the owner carries.  This year the owner suggested to Jake that he visit a spot just outside of town called Gemfield, where you can find a little known stone called gem chalcedony.  Jake took his advice and found some marvelous deposits of this great looking gemstone.  The piece you see here is a really good example of what can be found there – the stone has a interesting bull’s eye pattern with patterns of white, tan, brown yellow and a touch of purple.  The setting is sterling silver square wire framing the back with prongs to hold the stone in place.

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Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 1 × .3 in


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