Gold Nugget Pendant


Big, Beautiful, Natural Gold Nugget!



This is a natural gold nugget that Jake found at his gold mine in Alaska.  Jake recently sold his interest in the mine, so the few remaining large gold nuggets that he has is all he will ever have.  He has made a few of these gold nuggets into pendants like the one here.  He solders a 14 carat gold jump ring onto the nugget and adds a 14 carat bail.  The nugget itself comes from Jack Wade Creek and the gold from this area assays at between 21 and 22 carat.  Larger gold nuggets such as this one are unusual and very hard to find.  You can see the this nugget, with the jump ring and bail weighs a little over 6 grams.  If you are looking for a unique item, here it is!

Additional information

Weight .21 lbs
Dimensions .8 × .5 × .1 in


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