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Labradorite Bracelet 2


Flashes of Blue, Green and Yellow!



This is a very colorful piece of Labradorite that came from a raw rock that Jake bought in a rock shop in North Carolina.  Although Labradorite is named for the area where it was first discovered, Labrador, Canada, it can be found in several spots around the world.  But most commercially available labradorite is now mined in Madagascar.  This piece has the flashes of color that make labradorite so desirable, and you can see greens, yellows and blues as it turns in the light.  The setting is sterling silver with a fine silver fancy bezel surrounded by a twisted copper square accent wire.  The bracelet is thin sterling flattened wire so the piece is light weight.

Additional information

Weight.05 lbs
Dimensions2.5 × .75 × 2.5 in


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