Petrified Wood Pendant 4


Arizona Petrified Wood!



Arizona has many places where you can find petrified wood, and the spot with the best is the Petrified Forest National Park.  The area was named a national park in part to prevent visitors from removing the petrified wood, which was happening with alarming regularity.  Now that it’s a national park, it is illegal to take any petrified wood from the park, but the surrounding area if full of petrified wood and there are spots where the public can collect this beautiful stone for a fee.  Jake was able to get some great pieces there, and this one has a variety of colors including brown, yellow green white and a little purple.  The setting is copper square wire framing the back with prongs to hold the stone in place.

Additional information

Weight .04 lbs
Dimensions 1.2 × .75 × .5 in


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