Tiffany Stone Pendant 8


Delightful Shades of Purple!



This is an enchanting piece of Tiffany Stone that comes from the same rock that produced the other pendants of similar color of Tiffany Stone, that Jake was fortunate enough to find in some tailings while in Utah.  Tiffany Stone is found in only one mine out there and is extremely rare.  You can see from the other Tiffany Stone pieces that Tiffany Stone comes in various colors and patterns, and you can easily spot the ones that came from the same raw rock as this one.  It has a lavender color mixed with dark purple and black for a stunning look.  The setting is sterling silver with a full silver back, a fine silver scalloped bezel encircled by a sterling bead wire accent and topped by a sterling leaf bail.

Additional information

Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × .75 × .3 in


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